TrxAVR_Picastar TS2000 commands

TrxAVR-Picastar uses 40 out of the available 106 TS2000 CAT commands.

code Get/
TrxAVR-Picastar function HRD controls
AG G S AF Gain AF gain slider
BC G S Manual notch on/off Toggle button BC (= Kenwood beat canceller)
BD S Band up Click button Band-
BP G S Manual notch frequency Beat canceller slider
BU S Band up Click button Band+
CG G S Transmit drive Carrier gain slider (beneath power indicator slider)
FA G S VFOA frequency Sets and reads back VFOA frequency
FB G S VFOB Frequency Sets and reads back VFOB frequency
FD G Filter dot pattern not working
FR G S VFOA / VFOB select  
FT G Transmit VFOA/B read Reads which VFO used on transmit (Set not used)
FW G S CW filter width 5 of the 11 available widths used
ID G Transceiver ID number Returns 019 = Kenwood TS2000
IF G Transceiver status Returns current freq, RIT,XIT,Rx/Tx,Mode,MemStack,Paramcolour
IS G S Manual notch frequency Operates with IF shift slider 400- 1000Hz
KS G C Keyer speed Keyer speed slider 10 - 60 wpm
LT G S Filter switch (DSP 6) Toggle with ALT button: SSB wide/narrow, CW context/depth.
MD G S Mode Custom LSB USB CWL (CW) CWU(CW-R) - linked to Mode drop listt
ML G S Monitor level Slider - 1 - 9
NB G S Noise blanker on/off NB toggle button (button highlights when on)
NR G S Denoise on/off NR1 toggle button (button highlights when on)
NT G S Auto notch on/off Notch button (button highlights when on)
OS G S Split on/off Custom Split On andSplit off buttons linked to Simplex and Duplex+
PA G S IP3/NF switch Used Pre (preamp) toggle button (highlights when on = NF)
PC G Output power RF power slider (5-100w)   Used as read only indicator
PL G S Speech comp level Speech Proc slider (shows 0-100 for 0-20dB on rig)
PR G S Speech comp on/off Comp toggle button (button highlights when on)
QR G S Mem stacks and slots

HRD Quick memory drop down list has channels 0-9
- I link these to ten custom buttons see CAT page.
I use 1-6 for slots 61-66 and 7,8,9 and 0 for stacks 67-60

RA G S RF attenutor on/off ATT toggle button (button highlights when on)
RC S Copy VFO (= '0' key) Custom button ClrXRIT linked to drop list item Clear RIT
RG G S CW filter depth Uses RF Gain slider - 0-100
RL G S Denoiser level Noise reduction 1 slider (has range 0 to 9)
SD G S Tx Hang time on CW Break in delay slider (0-600mS Star range)
SM G S meter level Drives HRD S meter
SC G S Parameter colour G,Y and R buttons linked to drop-down menu items 4-6
of the 'Various button'. GYR indication is in status text (IF: command)
SQ G S Squelch level Squelch slider (0-20 on star = 0-94 on slider)
TX S R/T switch (MOX) Controls ATmeg2560 pin PJ1 - ? for DSP key pull down
VD G S Tx Hang time on SSB Vox delay slider (0-600mS Star range)
VG G S Vox gain Vox gain slider (0-9 giving 0 -100dB on rig)
VX G S Vox/Qsk on/off VOX toggle button (button highlights when on)
XT G S XIT on/off XIT button (button highlights when on)