TrxAVR_Picastar setup instructions - 2- DSP calibration, USB

DSP testing and AD603 calibration
This is done using CAL_IF13.bas and XJPld2g9.bas with serial link, in accorance with
Picastar setup instructions. Working DSP code can also be loaded via serial link.
If all is well then you hear HI on startup and the transceiver can operate with DSP under
PC onctrol from XJPld2g9.bas.

Configuring theFT245RL USB link.
USB devices have an EEPROM containing an identifying text strng and other configuration
information. This text pops up on the PC screen when the device is first connected.
Hobcat is programmed to look for FT245R devices but only recognises them if 'TrxAVR'
appears somewhere in the text string. (TrxAVR is not case sensitive here)
So the first task is to modify the EEPROM data. This is done with MProg.

Switch on TrxAVR and connect by USB to the PC - You should see a pop up box informing
you that an FT245R device has been found.
Run MProg and click Menu | Device | Scan.
You should see something like the following at the bottom.

Now click Menu | Tools | Read and Parse

You will see two text boxes:
- manufacturer: FTDI
- product description: FT245R FIFO (or something similar .... I dont have a blank one to test!!!)

Click Menu | File | Open

A file dialog window opens. Click cancel to close it - This dodge gives you access to Edit mode.

Click Menu | File | Edit      The top bar will now indicate Edit Mode

You can now edit the various visible items of configuration data.
You must:

My modified MProg is shown below:

To exit Edit Mode, click Menu | File | Save As
You save a copy of your edit to somewhere of your choice.
MProg returns to Program mode

Now click Menu | Device | Program     The on-chip EEPROM will be updated with your edited config. data.

Terminate MProg

Swith off TrxAVB - wait 2 seconds - switch on again

Start Hobcat

Hobcat should detect TrxAVR and report this on the bottom info bar:


This is not dependant on operation the ATmemga2560 processor (which may not yet have been programmed)

Note the COM1 message. This means that Hobcat's COM port selection is COM1 and that is is available.
The only use of COM1 is direct load to DSP. You may never use this.

The next step is to program the TrxAVR ATmega2560 and the Encoders8 ATmega2560.
(With TrxAVR-B, both porcesors are on the same board and so there are two six pin programming sockets)

Now move on to Setup 3

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