Graphics and char displays
Keypads and buttons
Hardware specification
Software specification
Interconnection drawing

Character display images
EA320 graphics hardware
EA320 graphics screenshots
TFT colour display
480x272 colour screenshots
128x64 display & screenshots
18-button board
** Useful facts and hints **
CAT interface
TS2000 CAT commands

Setup 1 Overview
Setup 2 USB
Setup 3 Programming
Setup 4 DSP code&params etc

DSP Parameters

Hardware diagnostics
I2C device support
I2C PCA9555 button tasks
I2C PCA9555 board
I2C PA3AKE front end
PA3AKE - 4xJ310 amp etc

Real Time Clock
User Signature Row
TftA I2C address
SWR calibration description
SWR - do a clibration
SWR - Calibration summary
G3VPX rig in box
Mimimum configuration


Internet Updates
Database - builders' projects



TrxAVR-Picastar provides an alternative controller and user interface for a Picastar Transceiver.
Picastar is a outstanding HF transceiver designed by Peter Rhodes, G3XJP.
Picastar construction information, software and setup and operational instructions are
available on G3XJP's Picaproject Yahoo Group.
The support group for Picastar is the Picastar-users Yahoo group.
The support group for TrxAVR-Picastar will be the Homebrew-radios Yahoo group.

Current development status is:

  • Hardware and software fully working for
    • 320x240 mono graphics display (optional touch panel)
    • 128x64 (UC0108) mono graphics display
    • 40x2 or20x4 character display
    • 480x270 colour TFT display (with touch panel)
  • Schematics, PCB layouts and interconnection drawings complete
  • Setup instructions are in these web pages
  • User manual = Picastar user manual + these web pages.

Glenn, VK3PE has done a magnificent job in designing and procuring commercially made
PBC sets for this project. 150 sets have been delivered. See Glenn's TrxAVR boards